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"How incredible that one article in American Way has helped my son's battle with PTSD more than the six years he dealt with the VA!   I am also an Army veteran and knew how badly he needed help, but the VA kept pushing medications at him instead of alternative methods.  He finally gave up.  After I read your article, Adventure Healing, I did some looking into Team Red White & Blue in Tampa and discovered there are similar organizations located closer to us that are helping combat traumatized veterans.  Thank you so much for your article!"
C. R.
Alachua, Florida 

"The article, Adventure Healing in you November American Way caught my eye.

As a psychologist , I have always felt that nature is a powerful healer. In addition, veterans rarely feel that we understand the horror of war. Spending time with others who have experienced the same trauma is invaluable. As a bonus, it is so rewarding to meet new challenges and feel success.

Team RWB sounds like a wonderful organization. It can be an adjunct to many therapies and drug treatment programs.  I will be sharing the program with the veterans I treat.

Thank you for printing the article by Molly Blake."

Ella Uretsky PhD, Columbus,Ohio

"Molly Blake is a pleasure to work with and I feel so blessed to have her assistance with business coverage for the Yuma Sun and Business in Yuma. She is always so upbeat, comes up with great ideas and always turns in fresh, well written stories and nice photographs, too." 
Joyce Lobeck,
Yuma Sun business reporter

"Molly, the article that you wrote about Wild Imagination Pottery Studio came out better than I ever could have imagined.  You explained the business perfectly and simple enough that everyone could understand what my business was all about. I still have customers coming in that let me know they first heard about me from your article.  Thanks!"
- Kathy Stutzman,
Wild Imagination Pottery Studio

"Molly, This is one of the best essays I have read on the changing role of wives and husbands who also serve because they are married to a leader. I am an old hand and truly appreciate your insight. You are needed, you do a great job and everyone in the squadron, on the ship or unit will benefit from your involvement, your knowledge and your compassion. Thank you."
Ellen Roughead, wife of former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Gary Roughead

"Thank you so much Molly! The response has been wonderful already! Your article was perfectly written and reflected very well on our farm and our ideals."
Charlie Cowan, Speckle Valley Farms

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